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Artisan Pipes

What makes an Artisan Pipe? The debate is endless, but here at Blue Room Briars, we tend to think of Artisan Pipes as a labor of love. These are pipes produced by craftsmen and women on a small scale. It might be useful to think of Artisan Pipes as you would a micro brewer, or boutique goods store. The primary distinguishing factor that separates these boutique businesses from their larger production peers is volume. Most Artisan Pipe brands produce only 30-300 pipes each year and typically employ only a few people. This makes them rare, highly collectible, and unique.
We have a passion for Artisan Pipes. We hope we can help you find just the one you're looking for and are very proud to present the work you will find here. We are constantly seeking out new artists to represent. Please check back often to see the new and exciting brands we will be adding.


Aiden Hesslewood

Alexander Sokolik

Dragomir Aleksic

Andrea Gigliucci

Andrey Kharitonov

Bill Shalosky

Bill Walther

Benjamin Westerheide

Bonsai Pipes

Brian Madsen

Bruno Nuttens

C. Kent Joyce

Charl Goussard

Chris Morgan

Clark Layton

Colin Rigsby

Daniel Mustran

David Huber

Dirk Heinemann

Dr. Bob

Doug Finlay

Erik Nielsen

George Boyadjiev

Jared Coles

Jason Patrick

Jerry Crawford

Jesse Jones

Joe Hinkle

Johny Pipes

Jonas Rosengren

Joseph Skoda

Marek Cikl

Marek Kando

Marinko Neralic

Martin Paljesek

Michail Kyriazanos

Nate King

Nate Rose

Roger Wallenstein

Ron Smith

Russ Cook

Sabina Santos

Scottie Piersel

Sean Reum

Steffen Mueller

Steve Morrisette

Todd Harris

Todd Johnson

Tom Richard

Trey Rice

Vollmer & Nilsson

Yorgos Mitakidis

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