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Sabina Pipes

Sabina SantosSabina Santos is a young and talented carver from Portugal who has seen a meteoric rise among the most discriminating of pipe collectors. She was first introduced to pipes by her husband, a pipe enthusiast, and quickly developed a passionate fervor that sped her along toward the incredible new career path of professional pipe carver.

Seizing upon the first opportunity she had, Sabina began an intensive and rigorous training regimine from some of the biggest names in pipe making: Joao Reis, Tom Eltang, Kai Nielsen, Tao, Kurt Balleby, and others. This experience skyrocketed her skill to an entirely new level. The influence of these carvers is apparent in her work, but Sabina also brings her own unique touch to classic and modern designs. Her goal is simple, to chase perfection in pipe making. 

Sabina uses only the highest quality materials, and her unique style is readily apparent. She works mostly with premium briar and morta, but often dresses these designs up with a modern twist, be it a splash of color from a stem or accent, or a unique variation on the shape, chasing the grain in each block of briar to reveal its beauty. Her designs continue to evolve at a remarkable pace, each edging closer to the elusive goal of perfection.

We can’t say enough good things about the quality of Sabina’s pipes. She truly is inheriting the mantle passed down from the Danish masters, and adding her own lines to the rich history of pipe making. “I just want to achieve my maximum potential and carve excellent pipes,” says Sabina, “I’m truly passionate about my work and I do all to ensure a great final product.” Keep your eye on Sabina. She is doing great things. 

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