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About Us


Inspired by the title of a lesser known Ella Fitzgerald tune (which is perhaps one of the only references to smoking a tobacco pipe in the great American Songbook) Blue Room Briars was founded to fill a growing need in the pipe world, namely to provide pipe smokers, enthusiasts, and collectors from all generations an experience of the old world tobacco shop of yesteryear, all from the convenience of home.

While supporting our local brick and mortar pipe shops is important, many do not provide the level of service and commitment offered by pipe specific shops of the past. Many smokers have no access to local shops and choose to do business over the Internet. This is a great option for convenience, but is a poor substitute for a true tobacco shop, a place where a customer could talk to a competent expert about pipes and pipe tobacco, while the local shop craftsman buffed or modified their pipe to improve their overall smoking experience. These shops focused on building a relationship with and educating their customers. They provided a level of unparalleled service that required extensive knowledge, skill, and passion to deliver.

At Blue Room Briars, we strive to provide this level of service to all our customers. Our staff possesses the unique and extensive history that positions Blue Room Briars to fulfill all your pipe smoking needs. Co-Founder and General Manager Scott Townsend has decades of sales experience and has been an unabashed lover and collector of pipes since 1992. Having successfully managed the venerable Smokers’ Haven in Columbus, OH, Scott brings a proven track record of world class, friendly customer service.  Co-Founder and Head Carver Jesse Jones has been smoking and tinkering with pipes since 2006. Winning accolades for his carving skill, Jesse was the Head Carver for Smokers’ Haven from 2014-2016. He has a passion for traditional pipe history, attention to detail, and an impressive mustache to boot.

Jesse and Scott met in one of the hot spots for American carvers while working together in Columbus, OH.  While they still argue about the perfect pipe architecture, they knew early on in their careers that they would be working together to bring about the desire to inspire and facilitate others in the enjoyment of all things pipe.

Blue Room Briars provides buffing and modification services to all our customers, expert opinions on tobaccos and blending, pipe selection and alteration, custom handmade pipes, sanitized and restored estate pipes, production pipes, artisan pipes, estate pipe purchasing and restoration, and pipe and pipe tobacco accessories for the discriminating smoker. You can learn more about our list of services here.

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