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Reum Pipes

Montana pipe maker Sean Reum is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic pipe makers we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Sean began his journey to professional pipe making in 2013, but his love of the fine craftsmanship and collecting goes back a bit further when he regularly restored old straight razors. There is more overlap to pipe smoking and vintage shaving equipment than one thinks, and soon Sean began restoring old estate pipes. Eventually he decided to try his hand at making a pipe. The rest is history.

 Sean’s work epitomizes what many people love about pipes, practical objects, judged not just by their outward appearance, but their functionality. This view pervades Sean’s aesthetic and approach to pipe making. All of his pipes are engineered with a deep slot and a wide draw. Form is equally important to performance. Sean tends to clench his pipes, so most of his work is lightweight, many with gentle bends and elegant “S” curves. He identifies primarily with the Danish school of pipe design, but we appreciate his conservative approach to shape and his distinctly American influence as well. While the shapes he produces are not overtly complex, he does enjoy using vibrant accents and stem materials, though nearly all his stems are made from ebonite.

Sean is incredibly prolific. We’re still unsure how he manages to create more pipes in a month than most artisans do in a year, but this speed has generated experience and perfected his craft. Expect every Reum pipe to be a wonderful amalgamation between function and beauty, style and substance.

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