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McIKL Pipes

Marek Cikl is a talented Czech carver with a unique style. Marek grew up listening to his architect father and art dealing uncle. While he never formally learned either of these claims, their discussions certainly influenced his work. Part of a growing surge of talented eastern European makers, his shapes are often outside the box and feature stark geometric angles, smooth curves, and novel engineering. Marek often cites Dieter Ramms' 10 principles of design, describing them as the "boxing ring ropes" he tries to stay within. Marek's hobbies have also included Tiffany technique stained glass, chair seat peddig weaving, and calligraphy

Marek's work can be identified from his brand name McIKL pipes. He likes to use accents like bottle calabash gourd and ebonite, although occasionally we'll see other stem materials like acrylic. While he currently only carves part time, each pipe is painstakingly crafted to be a feast for the senses.

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