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Bonsai Pipes

Bonsai Pipes are the creation of German carver Tobias Höse. Known affectionately as “Hosey” to his friends, Tobias began his pipe making journey through another hobby, the care and maintenance of miniature trees known as Bonsai trees. While carefully caring for his trees, Tobias would often smoke a pipe, the contemplative and ritualistic nature of which paired perfectly with the hobby. The art of Bonsai care takes patience, attention to detail, and determination. These qualities would prove indispensable when Tobias began pipe making. Tobias began selling his first work on social media outlets and quickly developed a small but loyal following.

Tobias’ work tends to favor reinterpretations of contemporary Danish and American design. He uses only high grade briar and hand cut mouthpieces from German ebonite. We were particularly impressed with his stem work. Each mouthpiece is polished to perfection and features a deep cut slot for the perfect smoking experience.

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