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Jesek Pipes

Martin Paljesek is full time pipe maker from Slovakia. Martin's work first came across our radar a few years ago. It was clear then that he had an eye for design and his skills have only improved since then. Currently Martin produces an average of 40-45 high grade pipes per year, each made with premium briar from Mimmo Romeo.

Martin learned the art of pipe making largely on his own by studying the work of artists he liked, but takes many design cues from the Danish school. His inspiration for each pipe is based on every individual block. Depending on the design, Martin might shape the pipe first to catch the subtle variation in grain, or drill first for simple shapes. He favors the use of various exotic woods and horn for decorations and typically pairs them with a well crafted hand cut stems.

Martin is at the vanguard of an explosion of very talented eastern European carvers we've seen emerge in the past decade. We're sure he will continue to mature as an artist and we're very pleased to offer his work to you.

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