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Brian Madsen

Pipe maker Brian Madsen lives in the Danish city of Vejle with his wife and son. Always interested in working with his hands, Brian became a pipe maker almost as soon as he became a pipe smoker. In 2014, he made his first pipe. Brian vividly remembers carving his first kit with basic hand tools on his small balcony in the snow. Brian is largely self taught, but has had the benefit of spending time with fellow Danish pipe maker Eric Nielsen, a pupil of Kurt Balleby.

Brian's designs are largely influenced by the classic Danish shapes, but also by his affinity for simple lines and subtle accents. He firmly believes that form should follow function and this belief translates to his work. He uses only premium materials and traditional accents like exotic woods, bone, antler, and occasionally metals.

Brian's production is fairly limited so we are thrilled to represent him at Blue Room Briars. His pipes deliver a tremendous amount of quality for the price and anyone interested in interpretations of classic Danish shapes owe it to themselves to check out his work. We're excited to see Brian continue to bear the torch for the school of Danish design.

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