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Jared Coles

Jared Coles has been making pipes since the early days of what we like to call the third wave of American pipe carving. Pipes have always been a part of Jared’s life, but he seriously took to the hobby in his junior year of university. In 2011, Jared formed J&J pipes with his good friend and equally talented carver John Klose.

Over the next several years, Jared and John devoted themselves to mastering the craft. An early goal of the duo was that pipes under the J&J brand would be consistent enough that customers wouldn’t be able to discern which carver to credit with each pipe. Learning much of the fundamentals from renowned American carvers Jeff Gracik and Todd Johnson, soon the pair were churning out beautiful, high grade pipes.

In late 2015, the last J&J branded pipes were made. They had achieved their goal of mastering the craft, and each decided it was time to explore their own artistic pursuits. Carving exclusively under his own name, Jared has been able to discover his own voice.

Using only the choicest of briar and other materials, Jared’s work is as faithful a tribute to the Danish and Japanese schools of pipe design one can find. “I always try and imbue a sense of life into the pipes I create,” says Jared. We agree.

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