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Jonas Rosengren

While Danish carvers receive a lot of attention from high grade collectors, it would be negligent not to mention the rich history of high grade pipe makers from Sweden.  Among those lauded include names like Sara and Love Jonas RosengrenGeiger, Bengt Carlson, Vollmer and Nilsson, and perhaps the greatest pipe maker to ever live, Bo Nordh. Carrying on this tradition of excellence is pipe maker Jonas Rosengren. 

Rosengren is no novice to pipes, nor to craftsmanship in general. Many of his ancestors were employed in cabinetry. Jonas was first introduced to pipe making through a knife maker, Borje Thelberg, who had also taken an interest in pipe making. Through a fortunate chain of events Jonas was able to meet with another excellent Swedish pipe maker, Bengt Carlson, who quickly showed Jonas what he needed to know. By 2010, Jonas had created his own shop in the basement of his home and began making pipes.

It's not hard to spot a Rosengren pipe. Jonas has a unique aesthetic that is very much his own. Some of his signature shapes are the globe and his unique take on the blowfish. The fit and finish on his pipes is simply immaculate, as good as anything we've seen on the market or better. Jonas mostly uses high quality ebonite and Mediterranean briar, but the adornments can range from horn to many varieties of exotic and precious woods. Jonas makes truly heirloom pipes.

Most of Jonas' production has been going to the Chinese market, which has gleefuly gobbled up just about everything he can produce. We were lucky to get our hands on a few. Jonas produces about 50 pipes each year. When he isn't making pipes he is a woodworking instructor, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. If you're looking for pipes that represent the apex in quality and craftsmanship, your search is over.

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