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George Boyadjiev hails from the Balkan State of Bulgaria, bordering Greece and Turkey on the South, Romania on the North, and nestled along the Western shores of the Black Sea.  This geographical peculiarity places Bulgaria at the mosaic locus of cultural influences. These influences are often reflected in the arts and crafts of the locals, creating something wholly different from the sum of its parts. The work of Mr. Boyadjiev is no exception.

George has been making pipes for over 12 years, starting like most great carvers, with pre-drilled blocks. Soon he acquired the means to create his works from scratch and has been doing so ever since. George has had no formal training from other professional pipe makers, although he has met many over the years.  Echos of different influences can be seen in his work. Certainly a large portion comes from the Danish tradition, but George's work is certainly distinct from his Danish cousins. 

Each of George's pipes are completely made by hand with materials suited for the finest smoking implements. He often uses adornments of exotic woods, bamboo, horn, and occasionally silver. When using bamboo, he sometimes chooses to fill the large nodes with hand carved tagua nut. Stems are made from high quality German Ebonite or acrylic rod. A smooth and open draw ensure the smoker a pleasant experience. Currently George produces around 200 pipes each year. 


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