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Vollmer & Nilsson

Pipe making is a predominately lone profession. Very few carvers can work together closely in an occupation that is widely considered one of individual artistic expression. Fewer still can maintain that relationship over decades. Martin Vollmer and Anders Nilsson are two half-brothers from Malmö, Sweden who have attained the ultimate pipe-making partnership. Together, Martin and Anders have been making high grade pipes for decades.

While Sweden has an impressive cadre of high-end carvers, Martin and Anders’ work is distinct from their peers in several ways. The duo has an affinity for classic, more traditionally English styled shapes than the stereotypical Nordic freehand. They also are part of a select few carvers that work with silver, going so far as to register their hallmark with the Swedish government. You’d be hard pressed to tell which part of a Vollmer-Nilsson pipe to be made by Anders or Martin, but each of them works on every pipe as a joint effort.

Martin and Anders have very high standards. Each pipe is carefully shaped and engineered to exacting standards. Draft holes are typically 4mm wide, bowls are usually left uncoated, and mouthpieces are expertly cut with the finest ebonite. They also enjoy using exotic burlwood, horn, and, of course, silver as accents on their pipes. We think each pipe is a masterpiece in its own right, and represents the collected efforts of two great artists. They say two heads are better than one. We agree.

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