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Steve Morrisette Pipes

IIn addition to being a professional drummer, writer, photographer, and photojournalist, Steve Morrisette can make one fine pipe. In fact, he's been sculpting well crafted smoking pipes seriously since 2003. Today, pipe making is Steve's full time gig.

In 2003, when Steve took the plunge into professional pipe making, he had some of the best mentors in the US, including Jeff Gracik, Brad Pohlmann, and Todd Johnson. The appreciation for well crafted objects that were both functional and beautiful was instilled in him from an early age. Steve has let that mentality permeate his craft, resulting in pieces that preform the job as well as they please the eye. As Steve likes to say, "I want my pipes to look and feel beautiful in the hand, then disappear in the mouth, leaving only the awareness of fine tobacco flavor, and then reappear in the hand as an object to please the eye and hand."

Most of the work we see from Steve is Danish inspired or a variation thereof. Typically on the smaller side, only premium materials are selected for each Morrisette pipe, but you can expect to see the use of German ebonite, horn, and high grade briar.

Steve currently lives in Nashville, TN, which is rapidly becoming a Mecca for the artisan pipe industry. As luck would have it, Steve's next door neighbor is renowned artisan pipe maker, Scott Klein.

For customers who appreciate pipes crafted with a keen attention to detail as well as strict standard of function, we couldn't recommend a Morrisette pipe strongly enough.


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