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Walther Smoking Pipes

Bill Walther has been making pipes for over 30 years, although we suspect his easy draw has always sounded like poured bourbon since he hit puberty.  Naturally drawn to artistic hobbies, pipe making was a natural fit for Bill who appreciated the beauty and function of art enduring as a pipe. Of course, being an avid pipe smoker and collector didn't hurt. Most of Bill's early work was kept for his own enjoyment, given to friends, or sold informally creating plenty of excitement about his relaxing hobby in the workshop. When he retired in 2013, he decided to pursue pipe making full-time.

Bill begins every project with an artist's eye. First, he sketches a design, then chooses the proper block to bring his concept to life. Bill uses only the highest quality plateau briar that has been thoroughly dried and cured.  Depending on the design, sometimes Bill shapes the pipe before drilling, sometimes he drills before shaping, but either way he executes all of his shapes with the craftsman's touch.  Bill selects premium quality German ebonite which oxidizes slower and has fewer defects than pre-molded stems.  Bill spends a significant amount of time refining the shape, sanding stems to perfection, and making sure his smooth pieces are finished to the highest degree of polishing.   It isn't unusual for Bill to apply the final stage over the course of several days.

Bill balances his artistic interpretations with the pipe's practical purposes. Ultimately, he hopes that each of his creations will become a cherished companion for those we think are lucky enough to own them.  As Bill puts it: "my reward will be the pleasure of knowing that I did my best, and hopefully brought enduring pleasure and satisfaction to a fellow pipe smoker."

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