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Russ Cook Pipes

Russ Cook has been making pipes since 1998, but far too few people are familiar with his work. This might be due to his laconic, soft-spoken, nature, or because his annual production is limited. But once you get to know Russ and his work, it’s clear that there is much more than meets the eye. Russ is a fixture at many of the regional pipe shows, especially those near his native Michigan, which is where we first encountered him years ago.

Russ’s approach to pipe making is a bit different than many other carvers. Instead of relying heavily on shaping disks, most of Russ’s work is done strictly by hand. This slows down the process but allows for an incredible amount of control over every facet of the pipe’s shape, feel, and balance.

Russ prefers to make classic shapes with an American twist but is also known for his pickaxes and wax drip themed pipes. His finishes span the gamut from heavy rustication, smooth, sandblast, and carved. Every stem on a Russ Cook pipe is cut by hand and engineered with the smoking experience in mind. Russ also likes to use a variety of accent materials from antler, horn, and exotic wood, but has also made extensive us of Corian, a stone like composite, which contains a remarkable variety of depth and sheen.

We’re very honored to have the opportunity to present you with Russ’s work. We think he represents the quintessential element of American pipe making.

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