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Jesse Jones Pipes

Critically acclaimed pipe carver Jesse Jones started making pipes in Canyon, TX, in 2010. A victim of the beauty of briar's seductive ways, he started carving blocks with a single file, while he held them between his knees!  

In 2014 Jesse moved to Ohio to carve pipes for Smokers' Haven in Columbus, OH.  Starting with estate pipe restoration and quickly moving on to Buckeye and Chheda pipes, he took over as Head Carver for Chheda pipes from Bill Shalosky in the Winter of 2014.  While in the Smokers' Haven workshop, Jesse had an opportunity to work and collaborate with many of the most talented carvers in the United States.

Quick to offer support to anyone who asks, from first time kit builders, to professional legends, one of his greatest talents is the ability to learn quickly.  Jesse continuously studies new and old pieces to constantly perfect proportion and line and at the time this was written in 2016, is the only American Carver Award winner, three years in a row.  He is now the co-founder and production manager of Blue Room Briars where he continues to perfect his craft.

Jesse favors the classic shapes made famous by the French and English schools of design and firmly believes that form should follow function. You can expect to see Jesse making pipes similar to the type smokers used decades ago as well as the occasional freehand piece.

To view all of Jesse's previously sold work, click here to access his gallery.


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