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Crawford Pipes

Artisan pipe maker Jerry Crawford knows a thing or two about pipes. His relationship with briar began in 1976 when he began collecting pipes. Fast forward to 2008. Living in Arizona at the time, Jerry decided to create his first pipe with the help of Paul Hildebrand, owner of the now closed Pipe Makers' Emporium. Through the positive influence of Hildebrand, Jerry became one of a cadre of Arizona pipe makers and gained notoriety quickly.

It was clear early on that Jerry had a knack for pipe making. The third pipe he ever made won the "Best Billiard" award in a contest judged by the late great Rainer Barbi. Jerry became a full time pipe carver in 2012, and in 2013, one of Jerry's pipes placed in the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club's Carving Contest.

Jerry's pipes possess incredible technical detail, but unlike many of his contemporaries, Jerry's work tends to be more conservative. Having a full grasp of classic English shapes as well as the more established Danish designs, Crawford pipes are simple, beautiful, and excellently executed smoking machines. We think any collection would be enhanced with the addition of a Crawford pipe, but don't just take our word for it. Snag one and check it out.



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