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Layton Pipes

Residing in State College, PA, Clark Layton has rapidly become part of the new generation of high grade American artisans. With a background in construction and working with wood, Clark understands the value of both hard work and eye for detail. Like many pipe makers, his exploration of briar had humble beginnings. Starting with only rudimentary tools, Clark has become highly regarded among both enthusiasts and collectors and has been tutored by some of the top carvers in the industry.  In 2015 and 2016, Clark's gained well deserved notoriety in the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club's Carving Contest, placing his work among the best pipe makers in North America.

Clark works with Greek and Italian briar and hand cuts all his stems from rods of solid German ebonite. Once in a while Clark uses strawberry wood for light weight and a distinctive blast. He is also one of the few carvers to use silver on a regular basis on many of his classic shapes.

Clark's work is diverse and expressive. From classics to modern reinterpretations of Danish designs, from Magnum to micro, several themes begin to emerge. Clark favors sharp, craggy, blasts that are distinctively American, often with a contrasting stain. Clark is also not afraid to play with interesting colors and designs leading to a fresh take on the old refrain of some pipe shapes. And, of course, Clark's technical work is excellent. All this adds up to a top tier American pipe at a great value. 

We at Blue Room Briars are proud to represent Clark Layton's work. If you're looking to add an heirloom pipe from an excellent American carver, you can't go wrong with Clark. 

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