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DSH Pipes

We've known pipe maker David Huber almost as long as he's made pipes.   During that time he has grown tremendously as an artist and has helped to redefine the neo-Danish, American school of pipe design.  David began like many pipe makers do: rudimentary tools, some free time, and big plans.  What set his work apart early on was his eye.  

With a background in Technical Theatre, David brought together not only his knowledge from the realm of fine arts, but his natural talents, abilities, and his passionate love for the beauty of briar to create pieces that are, in his own words, "wholly recognizable and completely unfamiliar."  Expect to see interesting reinterpretations of the Egg, Rhodesian, and Dublin, as well as organic freehand designs that push the boundaries of pipe making. 

David prefers freehand designs to classic shapes, although functionality is never sacrificed.  Instead he creates playful compositions designed to invoke an emotional response from the pipe smoker along with excellent engineering and performance.  David only uses the best grade Greek and Italian briar paired with high grade German ebonite, bakelite, and occasionally soft acrylic.

Currently based out of the Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio and Foundry in Durham, NC, giving him access to something many pipe makers do not, namely access to artists from other media across the art world.  We're excited to see the influence this has on his work and the influence he has on theirs.

We are honored to represent his work and consider David not only a friend, but as one of the most disciplined, serious, and amicable pipe makers carving today. We hope you enjoy the work of David S. Huber.

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