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Nate King Pipes

Nate King began his journey into pipes in 2005, and while I could bore you with biographical data, a discussion of Nate’s craft deserves not a recapitulation of how he arrived where he is now, but what makes Nate one of the preeminent North American carvers to emerge in the last 10 years. Part of the “third wave” of American carvers, Nate’s work always stood apart from the crowd. Years working in the unforgivably precise Indycar racing industry and aeronautics imparted a heighted sense for detail which translated into his pipe making. And while a high level of attention to detail certainly describes Nate’s work, what is most impressive is his originality of design.

The work of many carvers is strictly derivative.  Some find their “voice,” others do not. Nate approached pipe design differently, and while he had mentors in his early years, few people would mistake a Nate King pipe for any other. A blend of neo-Danish, rugged American, and avant garde, much of Nate’s work incorporates clean unique designs, bold colors, craggy sandblasts and a nod toward contemporary subculture.

Nate also produces extraordinary breadth in his production. From Magnum to miniature, from contemporary to classic, and everywhere else in between, owners of Nate King’s pipes will note that, regardless of design, each is engineered to the highest standard of excellence. Each pipe is truly an heirloom piece, some of the best in the world.



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