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Nuttens Pipes

Bruno Nuttens is a Belgian born, French carver who blends the best of vintage and modern pipe making techniques. Bruno had humble beginnings restoring pipes. Eventually his interest in making them grew, and with the help of Pierre Morel, a pipe making legend from St. Claude, began learning the art of traditional pipe crafting. In 2019, Bruno was invited to spend a week with Danish master Tom Eltang. This unique pedigree gives Bruno’s pipes an old world feel with modern features.  

Bruno offers several distinct lines of pipes. His Hand Made line is created completely from scratch using the finest materials. These pipes typically feature high quality briar and hand cut stems from German ebonite. In addition, Bruno makes two other lines of pipes, the Heritage Series and Vintage Collection. Heritage Series pipes are made from pre-turned bowls some of which are as much as 60 years old. Stems for Heritage Series pipes are either hand cut or molded. Bruno’s Vintage Collection pipes are made in the same fashion as his Heritage Series, but these pipes have vintage and elaborate silver bands.

We are pleased to represent Bruno’s work. If you are a fan of modern classics, you must check him out.

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