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Andrey Kharitonov

Muscovite Andrey Kharatinov is an aircraft design engineer by trade, but has dabbled with pipes for almost 40 years. In 1981 he was gifted a pipe by his older brother, which much to everyone’s surprise, began a long hobby of pipe smoking, restoration, repair, and in 2019, pipe making.

Relying on his innate attention to detail and his love of pipes, Andrey’s work is solidly in line with the Eastern-European school of pipe design, taking classic shapes and playing with the lines and form. His work is organic and precise, and now that he has made quite a few, his unique style is beginning to emerge. Andrey uses top quality Mediterranean briar and German ebonite, as well as interesting accent materials like bamboo and brass. For a relatively new carver, his stem work is impeccable: thin and comfortable with perfect airflow and a glossy finish.

Andrey sold a lot of his early work through online forums, and is now coming to the attention of retailers and collectors worldwide. We are thrilled to represent his work at Blue Room Briars.

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