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Morgan Pipes

Chris Morgan is one of the most versatile, prolific, and innovative pipe carvers of this century. Chris has been making pipes since 2006 and has cultivated a following of loyal pipe collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. His early work focused entirely on handmade pipes, slowly gaining a following through eBay sales, and direct to consumer work. Always an innovator, Chris developed new lines and products to appeal to pipe smokers of all backgrounds, introducing an affordable series of pipes, his “Bones” line, and even securing a patent for a new style of cigar-styled, reverse calabash pipes, “The Briar Cigar.” If all of this were not enough for the jack-of-all-trades, Chris even hosts a successful and entertaining pipe podcast with fellow carver Sean Reum.

While the machine-made pipes have always been popular, we’d like to focus on his artisanal work. After some serious study and experimentation over the years, Chris has developed his own singular style. He regularly employs some unique finishing techniques unlike anything else on the market. Chris has perfected the art of sandblasting, producing pipes whose exquisitely sharp and deep growth rings reveal a new side to an old medium. He has also introduced a hybrid finish exemplifying the characteristics of both smooth and sandblasted pipes. This enables the pipe smoker to experience a wonderfully tactile finish without sacrificing the beauty of smooth wood.

While these innovations alone would perk the interest of collectors, each pipe is also engineered to perfection. His mouthpieces are carved from premium materials and the airflow is spectacular. Chris understands that part of what makes a pipe extraordinary is its ability to function well as a practical implement for burning tobacco. We couldn’t agree more, and are proud to represent his work at Blue Room Briars.

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