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H Pipes

In 2020, Aiden Hesslewood began making pipes at his small home workshop in Lincolnshire, England. While mostly self-taught, Aiden received a significant amount of guidance from some of the great remaining English artisans, including Chris Askwith and Ian Walker.

It is somewhat ironic, that after several years of discovering his artist’s voice, Aiden gained the most enjoyment from replicating classic English shapes. That is not to say that his work is particularly stodgy. On the contrary, Aiden’s pipes are lean and practical smokers, with an enhanced attention to detail, and rounded off with a bit of flair. He even makes forays into Danish and other schools of design when the mood strikes. For accents, Aiden enjoys working with boxwood, horn mammoth, antler, Fordite, and even hand made silver work.

We were very impressed with Aiden’s impeccably polished stems, his attention to detail, and his overwhelming enthusiasm to make the perfect pipe. Get in on the ground level, folks, because we predict great things for this rising star.  

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