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Marinko NeralicPipe carver Marinko Neralić is a father of three (potential pipe makers he calls them), civil engineer, and pipe maker from Karlovac, Croatia. Marinko started making pipes in 2012 as a hobby, but, like so many others, was quickly bewitched by the entire process of pipe making and the beauty of briar. Now he spends as much time as he can spare honing his craft.

Marinko learned much of what the knows about pipe making by reading various online sources, trying out the techniques in the shop,  and then improving them. It is obvious that Marinko has a good understanding of how a shape should flow and his eye for proportion is developed to a higher degree than most carvers with similar experience.

Marinko's designs push the outer edge of traditional pipe making by utilizing striking color combinations, sculptural flourishes, and modern materials. He has become known for his reinterpretation of the old Nautilus shape, his variation adds segmented scale like panels executed with a high degree of precision.

In addition to briar, Marinko uses a fair amount of morta, with premium German ebonite, and occasionally acrylic for the stems. If you like pipes with some sculptural flair and an interesting aesthetic, we think Marinko may be your new favorite carver. "It is very important to me that my customers are satisfied," says Marinko, "and every pipe that I work, I work with my heart, and I give my best."  

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