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Douglas Finlay, of Independence, MO, has been making waves in the American pipe making scene. Beginning his journey in 2017, Doug began earnestly digesting all he could about the subtle art and craft of making an excellent smoker. His attention to detail, learned by many years as a master mechanic, and his willingness to learn and accept critiques from some of the best in the industry paid off in 2020 when he placed in the prestigious Greater Kansas City Pipe Carving Contest.

One of the most remarkable features of Doug’s pipes is his stem work. Making a good stem is difficult. Making an excellent stem is a skill few master, and Doug’s stems are on par with some of the best carvers around. His aesthetic is still developing, but so far what we’ve seen from Doug is a solid focus on the American school of design with some experimentation on the fringes. As Doug says, “I take pride in my work and I am sure that you will enjoy the way my pipes look, smoke and feel while enjoying your favorite blend of tobacco, I pay very close attention to making, what I feel is one of the most comfortable bits out there.”

Doug may not have decades of experience under his belt, but quality speaks for itself, and Blue Room Briars is very happy to represent some of his work here. With his humble attitude and precision craftsmanship it is difficult to see just how far Doug’s meteoric climb will take him.

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