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Joe Hinkle

An Indiana native, hockey enthusiast, pipe maker, and downright nice guy, Joe Hinkle has what amounts to an aristocratic pedigree in the pipe world, completing his training with Michael Linder and Nate King at Briar Lab in Indianapolis. Produced in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles, each Hinkle pipe is handmade with premium materials, typically German ebonite stems, and quality briar.

Joe’s work reflects his uncompromising attention to detail, expert tutelage, and desire to make the very best possible pipe.
Joe draws inspiration for his pipe designs from mundane everyday items, to the work of other carvers like Hiro Tokutomi, Alex Florov, and Todd Johnson. This eclectic variety is evident in Joe’s work from steady classics to flowing freehands.

We’ve known Joe for a while and have been eager to represent him at Blue Room Briars. His work represents some of the best values in handmade artisan pipes today, with a level of fit, finish, and precision, that most makers don’t attempt, or that are priced at hundreds more. Joe sums it up best, “I try to make every pipe to the best of my ability and every pipe better than the last.” We’re sure if you buy one Hinkle pipe you’ll have to have more.

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