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Michail Kyriazanos

Michail Kyrizanos was born in Athens Greece and raised on Paros Island where he still calls home today.  An occasional cigar smoker, Michail began smoking a pipe in 2010.  He quickly fell in love with the artisanal pieces that quickly became his favorite smokers.  As a child he showed an immense aptitude for handcrafting and an equal mastery of the use of a wide variety of hand tools so its no surprise that he eventually and inevitably turned his natural talents to pipe making.  

Since 2010 Michail has not only surfaced as a brilliant pipemaker but has earned many accolades as one of a new generation of pipe makers that brings an artist's touch to every block he brings to life.  New shapes and the exploration of the craft are a natural extension of his work and have propelled him to the top tier of artisanal pipe makers working full time at their craft.

The overwhelming majority of Michail's work is based on the premise of consciously made minimalistic sculpture.  Constantly working toward the ideal of "less is more" much emphasis is given to stem work as the most important detail of any pipe - both for function and form.  Excellent hand cut shaping, engineering, polishing and tenon work are all trademarks of Michail.

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