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Ron D. Powell is no stranger to pipes. For nearly a quarter century, Ron has been a devotee of the briar. This passion began with pipe collecting. Ron gathered quite a diverse and unique collection of briars from all over the world and from a number of well-known and obscure production houses. In addition to his collecting, Ron has always enjoyed working with his hands. This need drove him to tinkering, restoring, and repairing every sort of mechanical knick-knack. This predilection inevitably led to dabbling in pipe restoration and finally to pipe making.

Ron’s vast knowledge of pipe history and pipe collecting has, no doubt, affected his own creative aesthetic. This diversity can make his style somewhat hard to pin down, but in general you will see strong hints from both Italian and Danish styles with a smattering of classic English to taste.

Ron sources the best Mediterranean briar available for his pipes. These top-quality blocks are fastidiously engineered to deliver a smooth draw and an easy smoke. Ron is not afraid of experimenting with colors, accents, or designs. You are likely to see a variety of subtle and bold brindle ebonites, exotic woods, acrylic accents, bamboo, and even silver. Ron typically uses premium quality German ebonite for his stems.

We are excited to be the first retailer to represent his work and are confident you will find each of Ron’s pipes a delight to smoke, hold, and collect.  

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