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Vermont Freehand

Steve Norse is the energetic and unstoppable force of nature behind the Vermont Freehand company, which is perhaps the best one stop shop for pipe makers or those interested in dipping the toes into the hobby. An excellent pipe maker by his own merit, Steve saw a gap in the market, namely the difficulty sourcing, purchasing and importing pipe making supplies, and filled it. Brains, excellent customer service, and hard work have made Vermont Freehand highly successful, but Steve didn't stop there. In an effort to bring affordable, high quality pipes to market, Steve has introduced Vermont Freehand brand name pipes. Each shape is designed by Steve to impeccable standards. They are currently available in several finishes in briar and also sandblasted morta (bog oak). They are fitted with acrylic stems and delrin tenons. Vermont Freehand pipes don't just look classy, they deliver excellent service for an excellent price. 



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