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Sergey Cherepanov Pipes

Sergey Cherepanov, Muscovite and pipe maker since 2008, has been turning out affordable, contemporary designs for over a decade. A full time pipe maker, Sergey learned the trade from two of the most creative and highly lauded pipe makers not just out of Eastern Europe, but the world: Victor Yashtylov and Mikhail Revyagin.

Unlike his mentors, Sergey's work is focused on catering to most pipe smokers. His production volume is relatively high and his price point is absolutely delicious for folks wanting a taste of artisan design and quality, at high end production prices. Sergey's work seems conservative compared to the likes of Yashtylov and Revyagin, but they are far from dull. As Sergey himself says, "I don't like to make boring shapes."

Each Cherepanov pipe is crafted with premium briar, stems cut from ebonite rod, and beautiful and distinctive accent materials like bamboo and boxwood. Sergey is part of a proud tradition of pipe carving developing in Eastern Europe. If you like classic Danish designs with a Russian flair, look no further than a Cherepanov pipe.

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