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Rose Pipe Co.

Canadian carver Nathan Rose has an impressive pipe making pedigree. (By the way, call him Nate. He hates being called Nathan) Beginning his journey in 2017, Nate picked up some guidance from fellow Canadian carver Michael Parks and had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Michael and Les Wood, of Ferndown fame, to produce a line of pipes called Commonweal. Les would supply the bowls, Nate would cut the stems, and Michael would finish the pipes. The trio produced some fantastic, bold, English style pipes, but more importantly, the production facilitated an accelerated process of learning for Nate.

Soon Nate began focusing more on his own brand, Rose Pipe Co. Other than a whirlwind introduction to the fundamentals of pipe making through Commonweal, Nate’s own brand has been a labor of discovery and experimentation. Early on his unique rusticated finishes and more sculptural work helped him stand out. As time progressed Nate began honing his finishes and shaping, finally finding his niche with bold neo-traditional English classics. Inspired by the Dunhill LC, Nate’s swan necked bent billiards have become one of his mainstay shapes, but the English roots are undeniable. His sandblasting is second to none, and a delight for lovers of the craggy blast, both from a textural and visual perspective.

We are excited to represent Nate and Rose Pipe Co. at Blue Room Briars. His stellar engineering, respect for traditional forms, and incorrigible desire to produce the best smoking pipes has won us over. Please take a look at his fantastic work.

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