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NomaD Pipes

NomaD pipes are the creation of Bulgarian artisan pipe carver, George Boyadjiev.  While George makes well-engineered, unique, and beautiful artisanal pipes branded with his own name, NomaD pipes fill a special niche in the pipe world.

Developed with the pipe smoking “nomad” in mind, NomaD pipes are simple, lightweight, and perfect for slipping into your pocket before heading out the door. These are pipes that don’t need babied, but look and smoke great while you are on your adventure.

Each NomaD pipes is crafted entirely by hand, including hand-cut stems made from acrylic, and engineered to draw smoothly and clench easily. Currently NomaD pipes come in just a few basic shapes and 2 finishes, a deeply carved, rusticated black, or a rich mahogany stain that will vary from briar to briar.  Despite not being the individually unique artisans that George has made a name for, they are every bit the equal in smoking properties and shaping mastery.

We are incredibly excited to offer NomaD pipes. In our humble estimation, these pipes represent an incredible bang for your buck that is both functional, practical, and down-right smart looking. We are convinced every smoker should add one to their collection and are proud to offer them alongside our lifetime refurbishment guarantee.

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