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Meerschaum Estates

Meerschaum, the German word "sea foam," is a fairly soft and porous material incredibly suited for the production of tobacco pipes.  In scientific circles the material is referred to as magnesium silicate, or sepiolite.  The vast majority of Meerschaum pipes originate from Turkey, which has some of the largest and purest deposits of meerschaum on earth.  African Meerschaum is also used, but is not as common.

Meerschaum possess beautiful smoking properties.  The material not only wicks away moisture and tars, but develops an incredible patina over the years.  As the Meerschaum is smoked it can color from a bright white to yellow, amber, and rich chestnut brown, sometimes even with a rosy hue.

The material is fragile, but its softness makes Meerschaum a favorite carving medium.  Owning a beautifully carved Meerschaum pipe only adds to the enjoyment of the smoker.  We recommend every serious pipe smoker have one or two in rotation.

Below is a list of Meerschaum estates.  If you have any questions about the pipes listed, the proper care of Meerschaum, or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.  One of our staff would love to help you find just the right Meerschaum Estate for your needs. 


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