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Jelling Pipes

The first time I heard the name Jelling was while I was in college in Texas. I ran across an old Jelling pipe in the estate section of my local pipe hang out spot. I was immediately impressed with the simple clean shape and practical size. I had to have it.

Jelling was a Brick and Mortar store in Newark, New Jersey that catered to every need of the modern smoking gentleman. They sold cigars, pipes, and pipe tobacco in abundance. As part of that inventory Jelling offered their own brand of "in-house" pipes. These were made by other factories and then sold to Jelling. Schoenleber, an American pipe production company supplied many of these pipes, but other shapes came from other factories in both England and Denmark.

Jelling closed its doors decades ago, but we were lucky to get a hold of some of their old stock, and are offering them here at ridiculously low prices. The briar in these pipes is at least 50 years old. We're sure you'll be impressed with these simple, practical, and stylish pipes, a fragment of the golden age of pipe smoking. Once these are gone, they're gone.

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