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Jan Pietenpauw


Jean du Toit is a South African craftsman carving under the name Jan Pietenpauw. Jean likes to joke that he began carving pipes after his wife threw out his entire pipe collection – all the both of them – because he needed something to smoke. That was in 2009, and ever since, he has been making some of the best value smokers on the market today.

For reasons unknown, probably because Jean does not like to toot his own horn, Pietenpauw pipes have largely flown under the radar. Guys that know about him tend to horde his work for their exceptional smoking quality. Self-taught, Jean has an innate grasp of shaping, and while he likes experimenting with designs, he gravitates toward the classics, especially billiards. Often natural African materials are incorporated in his pipes as accents, and most of his stems are hand cut with premium ebonite or acrylic. 

We are excited to represent Pietenpauw pipes on Blue Room Briars, and think you’ll agree that Jean’s pipes punch way above their weight class in terms of fit, finish, value, and performance.

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