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The history of Genod pipes is nearly as old as the history of briar itself.  Tracing its origins back to 1865, in St. Claude, France, Comoy began manufacturing and producing pipes made from briar, a relatively new material for making pipes.  Eventually the Comoy factory was sold to George Vincent-Genod in 1923, and later to Jacques Craen in 1959.  Today Genod pipes are still being made in the traditional way by Sebastien Beaud, Craen's hand picked successor to the brand.

Genod pipes not only represent the epitome of classic French design, they are also some of the most reasonably priced and well engineered production pipes on the market today. Each comes fitted with a comfortable vulcanite mouthpiece and uncoated bowls for a pure tobacco taste. These are the perfect pipe for the beginning pipe smoker who wants a quality briar, and also for the veteran who wants to increase the size of their stable or add a few more good smokers to the rotation.

With such a storied history, impeccable engineering, and classic French design, we can't recommend Genod pipes highly enough. These are about as close to the ideal of "pipe" as one can get.

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