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Dr. Bob Pipes

American pipe maker Dr. Robert Kiess, M.D. started making pipes when he was still a full-time general-practice physician.  While rounding out his career as an old-style family doctor,  Bob was entranced with the hobby of pipe collecting and a regular at the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club in the Boston area where he met Jimmy Boswell of J.M. Boswell fame and started his journey into artisanal pipe creations in the late 1990s.  With support from fellow carvers Lee Von Erck, Paul Bonacquisti, and Rolando Negoita, he has built a large following of collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate his attention to detail, quality briars, trademark rusticated finishes, and the revitalization of the hawkbill shape, though every shape he produces impresses us.  All American, down to the red, white, and blue three dot logo inspired by Old Glory, Dr. Bob has continued to grow as an outstanding carver with an ever increasing fan base.

Starting as a child fascinated by his grandfather's pipes, Dr. Bob has had a lifetime love of the briar.  His stems are all handmade and today most of his materials are sourced through Steve Norse at Vermont Freehand.  Acrylic, exotic and native woods, as well as silver are all common to his exemplary work though his prices range from $300 - $400 making him very accessible. As featured in a magazine article back in 2018, Dr. Bob is a healer and every pipe he produces comes with the knowledge that the doctor not only condones pipe smoking, he recommends it. 

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