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Daniel Mustran Pipes

Croatian carver Daniel Mustran has been carving pipes since 2010, and during that time has defined himself as an artist who is not confined to the conventions of traditional pipe design. A quick stroll through his portfolio and the average observer will note Daniels penchant for bright colors, bold curves, sharp angles, and shapes that seem to defy categorization. Some shapes are indeed derived from Danish and English classics, but the resemblance is only in passing. Yet despite his novel approach to design, Daniel’s pipes are pleasant to the eye and more comfortable than one would think in the hand.

For materials, Mr. Mustran uses only the best. His briar typically comes from Italy, but he also uses wild olive, which has a more irregular and interesting grain pattern, and Ukrainian morta. While many pipe makers avoid materials without regular consistent grain patterns, Daniel prefers the challenge of working with wild grain. “In my opinion, having crazy grain always motivates me to make something crazy…” Stem materials and accents are no less unusual. Daniel has been known to use many types of both synthetic and natural accent materials. For stems, we’ve seen him use ebonite, acrylic, and other synthetics.

If you are tired of the same dozen classic shapes, Daniel Mustran might be just the artist for you. Continually novel, never contrived, and always a delight, we are very impressed with Daniel’s work and are proud to represent him among our growing list of artists.  

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