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North American Estates

The North American School of Design has evolved over time. Originally rooted deep in the English tradition, companies like Kaywoodie, Yello-Bowl and Dr. Grabow mass produced thousands of pipes for the working man. Later boutique pipe shops released their own pipes made in house or contracted out by another, usually English, manufacturer.

Since the 1980's North American artisans began to pick up steam. Leading the charge were makers such as Tinsky, Butera, Vesz, and Burak. The groundwork these individuals laid coupled with the huge influence of the Danish masters has changed the North American landscape immensely, making the North American School of design one of the most innovative and modern movements in the pipe world.

So, from mass produced smokers to high end artisans; from old to new; you should find a little bit of everything in this Estate Pipe section.

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