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Alexa Pipes

Dragomir Aleksic has been a wood worker for many years in his native Serbia, but was originally trained as a machinist. Since 1995, Aleksic turned his hobby and passion for wood sculpture and art, including hand made pipes, into a full time career. Like many carvers, his obsession with pipes and briar began by chance when he saw the collection of pipes owned by an old acquaintance. There were several thoughts that fueled his fascination. In his own words, "first, there was the beauty of form and material in them, elegance in their design, a true art form in its own right and second, the irresistible challenge of making a functional product that requires skill, knowledge and patience to be made." Aleksic's work is much more sculptural that other artisans. This is where his experience as a wood worker really shines, as his intimate knowledge about wood and how it behaves enable him to create truly complex and remarkable pipes. These heirloom pieces are sure to bring the owner as much joy as the maker experienced creating them.


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