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  • Squatchwerx Pipe Tool
  • Squatchwerx Pipe Tool

Squatchwerx Pipe Tool

Item # PA217374



Made from a two-part urethane based resin, these unique alumilite cast tampers are created by Dave Grant of Squatchwerx in West Virginia.  Dave teaches casting and has always been a pipe enthusiast so it was only a matter of time until he came up with these individual and functional tools cast with different combinations of mica powder to achieve some stunning results.  Sturdy and solid in their construction, the top knob unscrews to release a spooned poker keeping it within easy reach for necessary maintenance mid bowl and perfectly designed to remove dottle and debris once finished.  Each tool is special and no pattern will ever be exactly the same.  A wonderful addition to any kit or armchair shrine, if you love your briar, pair it with a tool that is worthy of a great smoke.

  4.19 in / 10.64 cm
Width:  .69 in / 1.75 cm
Weight:  1.19 oz / 33.8 g

Origin:  United States
Material: Alumilite and Steel

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