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  • Neal Yarm Mahogany 7 Pipe Stand

Neal Yarm Mahogany 7 Pipe Stand

Item # PA0083



Neal Yarm has been making wood pipe stands for a good while now, and while his stands range from exotic to more domestic materials, there is no denying the usefulness and sophistication of a well displayed collection.  This sturdy mahogany rack includes spaces for 7 pipes to rest against felt padding, keeping your most beautiful pieces out where they can be seen, stem and stummel safe.  The stand's base is also padded to protect any fine furnishings it may rest upon.  Perfect for a custom 7 day set, this very solid American made piece will always keep your favorites at the ready.

 5.25 in / 13.34 cm
Height:  3.75 in / 9.53 cm
Width:  13.00 in / 33.02 cm
Weight:  21.3 oz / 603.8 g

Origin:  United States
Material:   Mahogany

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